Horace Mann

Today's Announcements ( 05/26/2020 )

Today's Announcements

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  • Lunch Duty

    And now for your weekly lunch duty updates:

    In 6th Grade: Emmanuelle Vue, Isavella Vue, Levi Waltz, James Webb, Sophia Wendt, Belanna Werner, Adin Wright, Orin Wright.
    In 7th Grade: Myla Welle, Jorryn Weyneth-Imbach, Aubrey Wienke, A'Miracle Williams, Samuel Williams, Davis Winter, Harvard Yang, James Yang.
    In 8th Grade: A Xiong, Aidan Xiong, Chynida Xiong, Jeremy Xiong, Joua Xiong, Phelix xiong, Valli Xiong.

    You will be on lunch duty all this week. Thank you for doing your part in keeping Horace Mann clean.

  • What Day Is It?

    Today is an A day. Please follow your A day schedule.