Horace Mann

Today's Announcements ( 12/06/2019 )

Today's Announcements

General Announcement

  • Chromebooks

    It's re-boot Friday. Please turn your chromebook off and start it back up. This will begin any needed updates.

  • What Day Is It?

    Today is a B day. Please follow your B day schedule.

Student Council

  • December Food Drive

    Here is your Food Drive update! 8th grade has pulled into the lead of the student body with 234 donated items, 6th grade has 148, and 7th is bringing up the rear with 88 items! Teachers and staff have donated the most in the building with 244 items! Great job so far and thank you to those who have already donated! Every little bit helps, so let's continue to make a difference. Next week, students should bring in canned spaghetti sauce, pasta (NO RAMEN - will be worth negative points), and macaroni & cheese. Staff should continue to bring in breakfast items! Be nice, dude. Donate some food!